Baby Swimmer


BabySwimmer is a inflatable collar for daily bathing newborns, infants and toddlers, designed to be used at daily bath time or in the swimming pool or open water. The collar enables babies to float safely, freely and comfortably in the bath tub or swimming pool.

 BabySwimmer collar is not only great fun for the kids, it also helps parents to handle small child in the water without putting strain on their back due to being in uncomfortable position.
Kids love this “zero gravity” moments and they have opportunity to learn how to move around in the bath tub by wiggling their legs, turn easily from their back to their stomach. They can catch their feet with both hands, flap their legs, reach for the toys floating around them, bounce and splash the water exploring buoyancy and being in different positions. It helps them to build confidence in the water and at the same time supports their mental and physical development.
Benefits to Parents:
Parents can relax during bath time. No more holding your baby in uncomfortable positions. No more back pain.
The BabySwimmer product has been rigorously tested to the strictest safety standards since the early stages of its development. The product is loved by children and parents worldwide and has been approved by medical professionals.
BabySwimmer collar is  manufactured with high quality, safe materials which are compliant with European Standard EN 71 (specifying safety requirements for toys).
Specification & Safety:
  • Available in wide range of colours
  • Sizes: Small 3-12 kg (0-24 months) and Large 6-36 kg (0-36 months)
  • Compliant to European Standard EN71



Always use Original products with safety certificate!
Product to be used ONLY with adult supervision.
Do NOT leave your child in the water unattended!
Make sure there are no sharp objects nearby children during bath, which could damage the collar.
Please read product instructions and safety information before use.