• Material: Plywood, Wax
  • Number of Pieces: 229
  • Model Size: 550 x 280 x 410 mm
  • Package Size: 447 x 280 x 43 mm
  • Package Weight: 2.377 kg
  • Recommended age:  14 years old (choking hazard – small parts)

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This large-scale design was created by Mr. Playwood when he turned fifteen years old.

The pedestrian bridge connected the possession of the tribes of peasants and scribes, and at night it was raised so that it could not be used by nomadic non-believers.
For passing the bridge, Mr. Playwood and two of his brothers took a fee – two seeds per person. The children and the elders paid one seed. This commercial activity was terminated by a special decree by the leader of the tribe of scribes, and the collected seeds were confiscated for the needs of the Great Village Library. Now crossing the bridge is free.
By the time the Bridge’s lifting gear was upgraded by Mr. Playwood, the power of the fifteen Elephants was needed for disassembly.
To create the lifting mechanism of the bridge was used especially durable wood, which in full moon extracted from the north side of the Big Tree.
A gull set at the top of the bridge is able to predict the weather, but the interpretation of these predictions is only available to the elders of the tribal librarians.

The benches on the platforms of the bridge are a great place for meeting lovers. There is a belief that the oath, given on those benches, guarantees a wonderful relationship for life.
In the gazebo, located on the eastern side of the bridge, Mr. pleyvud set up his office. Now there is a museum dedicated to the children of the inventor.
Precisely because of this invention, Mr. Playwood attracted the attention of tribal leaders, eventually receiving an offer to create and lead the Academy of Designers.

Kids will enjoy playing and exploring the great invention that took science to another level.



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Weight2.377 kg
Dimensions47.7 × 28 × 4.3 cm