Wooden City 4×4 JEEP



  • Material:  PLYWOOD
  • Model size: 279*151*148 mm (10.98*5.94*5.83 IN)
  • Package size: 355*240*51 mm (13.98*9.45*2.01 IN)
  • Number of parts: 570
  • Weight: 2.300 g

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4×4 American Jeep

Today, we represent “4х4”, as an expensive off-the-road vehicle for brutal men. During the Second World War, the American company Willys started production of the Willys MB automobile. It went down in history as a reliable, maneuverable and functional vehicle. It was a “technical breakthrough”. There was a real “war of engines”. Overcoming of obstacles, road dust and risk! You have a real adventure in your hands!

The automobile model can drive up to 2 meters. After assembly, you need to set the position of the lever forward or backward, set the locking lever in the stop position, start the model with a key and lower the lever (the key is located in the spare wheel). The front wheels are steered. The hood is opened and fixed by two locks, and the windshield tilts.

“WOODEN.CITY” 3D puzzle is a construction set made of environmentally friendly materials with an open mechanism. The assembly does not require any glue. Press the parts and assemble in accordance with the instructions.
“WOODEN.CITY” 4х4 is a real find for those who are fond of history and like adventure.


Additional information

Weight2.300 kg
Dimensions35.5 × 24 × 5.1 cm