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  • Material:  PLYWOOD
  • Model size: 340*224*62 mm (13.39*8.82*2.44 IN)
  • Package size: 355*240*40 mm (13.98*9.45*1.57 IN)
  • Number of parts: 185
  • Weight: 1.110 g


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Wooden City 3D mechanical models “KINETIC PICTURE”! You can start the mechanism with a special key to see the optical illusion stimulated by your imagination! Open specially designed wooden box and enjoy every moment of assembling this unique construction. Great activity for whole the family or original idea to entertain your friends.

Our Wooden City 3D mechanical models “KINETIC PICTURE” is a puzzle set made of environmentally friendly materials. They contain manual winding mechanism with rubber band, simple – yet ingenious. You don’t need glue or any additional tools to assemble your model. Press the parts from the boards and assemble according to the in detailed instructions.

Several turns of the key will wind up the rubber band motor, trigger off the gears and set your “KINETIC PICTURE” in motion. You will observe and enjoy the whole rotation process. With help of the trigger lever you will be able to adjust the tightness of the rubber band and speed off rotation of the mechanism. The operating time from one start is 1 minute. The trigger lever is on the right.

The “KINETIC PICTURE” by “WOODEN.CITY” is a real find for those who appreciate beauty and love science.



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Weight1.110 kg
Dimensions35.5 × 24 × 4 cm