Educational foam mat is  BabyPol  are designed to be personal gaming area for your child and to promote through the game to develop skills like: thinking, imagination, memory, touch and vision. It stimulates the senses, teaches and encourages creative play. Great idea for playing alone as well as with the company or in the group. Let your child to make friends and share with them great experience and fun! Great variety of funky design, size and thickness. I appreciated worldwide not only by children, but also to Their parents. Warm, comfortable, easy to clean and safe in use, made of no harmful materials. It can be used as a carpet replacement in your child room to avoid dust deposition or complement the room decor.

Incredibly colourful with creative designs, they are made of safe and hypoallergenic material (polyethylene foam). Spread a mat on the ground, tile or laminate flooring and be sure That your child does not catch a cold! Would you like to Encourage your child to play outside? Why not take it to the garden, park or play area? We will provide you with a handy bag for your mat, that you can easily roll into small size and take it with you …

BabyPol mat is great tool to support children’s physical and mental development, helps to train and improve fine motor skills. Mat retains the heat and is soft enough to Prevent injuries from falling during. BabyPol mats are ideal for indoor and outdoor games and activities. They are suitable for children at any age.


From birth to 9 months

From the first days of a baby can be positioned for a while he BabyPol mat on the stomach, Which future more will not only Stimulate crawling reflex, but it will also deliver sensory input due to special structure of the mat surface. Bright colours and designs bring a small child attention and Contribute That they crawling and reaching skills.

The carefully design surface of the mat with both – smooth and porous outer allows grip and pushing from the legs movements without slipping.

The children learn Gradually Their skills, from rolling onto the stomach is rolling over and is more confidently learning to crawl.

From 9 months to 2 years

After crawling it comes to the most important stage of baby’s and his parent’s life – taking first steps.

In this difficult period BABYPOL mat protects baby’s knees, elbows and wrists from injuries as a result of the fall, thanks to its soft and dense protective layer.

From 2 to 5 years

From 2 years old children enjoy playing on the floor, so all you need is one of our large size Babypol mat in your child or living room to keep your child entertained and happy.

Exclusive design of BABYPOL mats promotes reading skills, numeracy and imaginative thinking skills through play or relaxing in the form of game. Your child will love this way of learning!

From a very young age your child will show great interest in discovering the names of colours, animals, geometric shapes, Which Will Facilitate the development of imagination, memory and vision.

From 5 to 10 years

This is one of the most active periods of kids’ games.

Thanks to dense layer mats BABYPOL will muffle the noise of the children’s steps, Which will help to Maintain friendly relations with the neighbours!


Benefits of BabyPol mats:

  •        – For children at any age
  •        – Environmentally safe and hypoallergenic, it does not collect dust
  •        – Promotes the development of your baby
  •        – Waterproof and easy to clean
  •        – Prevent injuries when falling
  •        – Retains heat
  •        – Incredibly colourful, with fabulous prints, inspires fun but it can also be a help in reading and numeracy
  •        – Do not slip on the floor, protect the floor from dirt or damage if dropped by child objects
  •        – Light weight
  •        – It provides good sound insulation
  •        – It has a special case for transporting
  •        – Universal – can be used indoors and outdoors,
  •        – Available in various different sizes
  •        – Great gift for young mother.

All products are certified. Compliance with the Requirements of European standard EN-71 (Safety of Toys)