Wood Trick


New unique 3D wooden mechanical models


We are introducing New and Unique 3D wooden mechanical models for self-assembly by ‘Wood Trick’. Interesting design, easy to build. Great as a gift or just eye catching souvenir…


The ‘Wood Trick’ is a company founded by a group of highly qualified and experienced mechanical engineers. They idea is to design and create unique 3D wooden mechanical puzzle-constructions.

The company uses modern technologies as well as state-of-the-art and passion in production process. All models are made of high quality plywood and are cut with laser precision. In addition ‘The Wood Trick’ has an incredibly engaging and interesting construction process. It also creates bonding experiences for families building together.

Each model is a functional prototype with mobile parts and mechanisms. Therefore after putting a set together you will surly enjoy your creation! Your whole family can enjoy the ‘Wood Trick’ products. You can learn about structural engineering, build replicas of some of the oldest structures in human history or modern trucks and race cars.

The ‘Wood Trick’ models draw attention of people’s different ages. Thus they are suitable for everyone – young and old, him and her…

Simple but yet ingenious detailed designs; stylish and high-quality craftsmanship; finally ability to construct without any dangerous or toxic glues – it’s what it make each model a special one…

Promote your children’s developing minds by building a set together and build a stylish set to brag about to your friends in your new college dorm.

You will have great fun and unforgettable time building these beautiful masterpieces.

Our wide range of 3D wooden mechanical models by the ‘The Wood Trick’ is a challenge for all ages. Furthermore it opens a new world of creativity, knowledge, and pleasure for the whole family!


See range of the WOODTRICK models here