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In order to meet the challenge of self-assembly of the model, it is necessary to engage a manual skills, creativity and spatial imagination.Once the gun is completed, you can practice your shooting precision in a safe way. The gun shoots with rubber bands. Only the imagination of the user depends on where he will create his own training ground. The ammunition supply can be replenished at any supermarket or even at a bookstore.

The gun model is very simple to use – just pull the eraser on the scabbard and release the trigger.

The range of the shot is about 7 m. The length of the gun is 18 cm.


  • Model size: 180*25*115 mm (7.08*4.92*4.52 IN)
  • Package size: 365*185*35 mm (7.28*14.37*1.37 IN)
  • Number of parts: 50


Recommended age 14+ years with adult supervision


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Our unique 3D mechanical puzzle are made of high-quality, ECO friendly plywood. Our kits include everything you need to assembly 3D mechanical models without using glue or any special tools. Our design is very precise and we pay great attention to high quality of the production process.

We discovered and patented our way of combining all parts into the mechanical structure without using glue.

Each model is not only a construction kit, but a reflection of an idea, which was then put into practice in the production process. We want the each model not only be interesting as a movable mechanism, but also looking beautiful as a souvenir. Our interesting and unique design of the gear wheels will undoubtedly arouse great interest and enjoyment.


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