Traditional toys made of sustainable wood. ECO friendly, simple in design they are timeless and never go out of fashion!

It is well known that wooden toys have been appreciated for generations and with many variations they are still very popular today. They make souvenir from our childhood  and always bring the best memories.


Why Choose Natural, Wooden Toys?


Developmental benefits:

Educational wooden toys are an important tool in children’s development. While high-tech toys are designed to bring attention or distract children, very often they are just to noisy and flashy, and they can overstimulate them.

Wooden toys tend to inspire creative and imaginative play in children. They allow children to engage in meaningful play, developing cognitive and problem-solving skills which they will carry throughout the rest of their lives. The natural textures of wooden toys stimulate the child’s senses as they invite children to touch, feel and explore.

Many educational wooden toys build critical lateral thinking and problem solving skills. Through interaction children can develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, shape and colour recognition. The power, graphics and sounds are provided by the child. A simple set of wood blocks can help a child learn about numbers, colours, shapes and balance. Their fine motor skills will improve as they use them to build. As wooden toys don’t tell you how to play with them, children will be encouraged to develop and use their own imagination, creativity, problem solving and reasoning skills and due to this, wooden toys also help to increase children’s attention span.

Other benefits of wooden toys:

  • Boost Creativity
  • Improve thinking skills
  • Develop maths and science skills
  • Open ended play with endless possibilities
  • Enhance children’s natural gifts
  • Allow children to develop deep and intuitive understandings of the mathematical and geometric principals
  • Grows with the child. Used in different ways over a lifetime
  • Encourages interaction and quality time between child and parent
  • The is no age limit and they are often being played by children at any age
  • Long lasting and more durable than plastic toys. Easier to fix when broken.
  • Wooden toys are much safer all-natural alternative to plastic toys as they do not contain high levels of chemicals and toxins. This is particularly important with babies who tend to put everything into their mouths.



The Walachia® company is a small family firm, established in 1991 in Chech Republic. The idea with kits belongs to Pavel Hrůza senior. He started the company with his thirty years pedagogical and cottage work experience as well as skills working with wood. In 1994 his son Pavel came with an idea to join the company and the expand it further. Where Senior took care of new products development, junior supervised business and production. As WALACHIA® become more popular they started producing more types of kits and prototypes have changed into series products.

Initially Walachia® manufactered five kits. Currently the company is producing 34 types of kits. The description and instruction are translated into various languages.


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