Walachia VARIO XL – 184 pcs



  • Material: Wood
  • Number of Pieces: 184
  • Model Size mm (W x D x H): Various
  • Complexity Level (1=Easy): 1
  • Model Weight: 3.35 kg
  • Recommended age:  Recommended age from 5 years
  • Easy to follow pictorial instructions in multiple language including English+++

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DISMANTABLE VARIO BUILDING SET A system of building sets was named VARIO and as it is evident from its name it is possible to build from it more variants of different buildings. It can be assembled and dismantled. Builders are prompted with pictures of some houses on the packet, but there are many more possibilities! The set contains beech parts of 15 mm in diameter, of various lengths, with which by means of locks at the ends, constructions according to your own ideas may be assembled. Doors and windows are also produced from sturdy beech wood. All these parts are placed in a strong good-quality cardboard box with a bottom and a lid, which secures the long life of the building set.The set is designed for children above 5 years of age.

Great fun for kids to learn and play as well as build their skills. Fantastic for family bonding exercise or hobbies.

Natural wood from ZLIN region in Czech Republic, which smells and feels of nature.

Environmental Friendly unlike expensive and environmental damaging plastic toys.




Additional information

Weight3.35 kg
Dimensions44 × 29 × 9 cm


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