Da Vinci scythed chariot is an ancient war chariot with scythe blades mounted on each side. The blades extended horizontally to each side of the wheels. Scythed chariots would plow through infantry lines cutting combatants in. This historically accurate Wooden.City 3D puzzle with a rubber band engine was created to show you the amazing world of ancient mechanics with accurate historic references.

All you need is to simply follow the detailed visual manual and have a couple of spare hours to build this original model. Wooden.City kits have all you need for assembly – a set of high quality plywood boards with precisely pre-cutout parts and step-by-step instructions. Since we pre-cut all the parts by laser equipment the quality and accuracy of the parts is very high. The only tools required are your own hands, time and some patience.

We guarantee that any Wooden.City 3D model will serve you for many years. You can clean them simply with a damp cloth or recycle with almost zero harm to the environment.

  • Material:  PLYWOOD
  • Model size: 220*130*55 mm
  • Package size: 240*175*28 mm
  • Number of parts: 51
  • Weight: 0.301 kg


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WOODEN CITY is a young and new company formed by enthusiastic and skilled Mechanical Engineers. We started manufacturing the 3D Mechanical Wooden Models in December 2016 and launched the models in January 2017.

“We hope that you will enjoy building our models as a hobby or with your family and friends.”
“We are a very small company and our adventure started as purely a hobby between friends and colleagues from work.”
“We believe this is a great way to Introduce Children and Kids to the World of Mechanical Engineering.”
The sets are accessible to the average person (children under parental supervision) and the satisfaction of completing a full set cannot be matched! Imagine of building your own toy car from scratch!
At the same time the WOODEN CITY 3D Constructor’ is a functional prototype with mobile parts and mechanisms. That is why putting a set together you can certainly enjoy and proudly exhibit your creation to all your friends and family!
Detailed design, stylish, high-quality craftsmanship and the ability to construct without any dangerous tools or toxic glue, make each model a special and ECO friendly souvenir. It also helps your children to develop logical thinking, fine motor skills and encourage imagination.

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Weight0.301 kg
Dimensions24 × 18 × 3 cm