Mr. Playwood GLOBE


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And yet it moves! From now on, you’re the only one to decide when and in which direction the Globe is spinning, relax and feel yourself The Lord of the Globe

Mr. Playwood hit upon the idea for the Glombe after a series of experiments convinced him the Earth was actually round.

By the way, his fellow tribesmen maintain different versions about the form of this planet. There’s the theory of flat Earth, bent at the edges like an overcooked pancake (it’s because of those bent edges that no one falls over the horizon). Another widespread theory is that of a pear-shaped Earth. Its adepts have a long-standing conflict with those who believe the Earth looks like a gigantic banana bitten by a gargantuan ape. The most popular theory, however, states that the Earth’s form is variating between a cube and a cylinder – depending on the day of the week and the alignment of stars in the sky.

When Mr. Playwood found out that all scholars living on the Great Tree are mistaken, he was keen at first to share his discovery with them. He then understood, though, that the knowledge about the Earth’s spherical form affects neither the harvest nor branch-hopping skills or favorite food recipes. That knowledge, however, may most certainly affect his relationships with his fellow tribesmen. All those scholars will be forced to accept that their perceptions of the Universe turned out to be ravings of madmen. And that’s not a pleasant feeling.

Thus, Mr. Playwood left his discovery to himself but decided to immortalize it in a wooden glombe. Self-confident and tactless people will possibly try to be smart about the name – i.e. ‘this should be spelled globe, not glombe’. Well, point is – ‘glombe’ and ‘globe’ are two completely different things.

A globe is simply a spherical thingy with continents drawn on it, fixed on a stand. A glombe, however…oh, it’s something extraordinary! An exquisite open-work creation of a brilliant mind, assembled together out of delicate wooden pieces without a single nail, placed on a majestic podium and driven by a complex system of gears. And you’re saying ‘globe’…gosh, how can you even compare them?!