Wooden City MILL



  • Material:  PLYWOOD
  • Model size: 327*373*135 mm (12.87*14.69*5.31 IN)
  • Package size: 355*240*40 mm (13.98*9.45*1.57 IN)
  • Number of parts: 222
  • Weight: 1.504 g


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“WOODEN.CITY” 3D puzzle is a construction set made of environmentally friendly materials with an open mechanism. The assembly does not require glue. Press the parts from the boards and assemble according to the instructions.

Several turns of the key and the rubber motor of the “MILL” is started! It triggers off the gears, among which there is a flywheel, and a real planet gear. The operating time from one start is 1 minute. On the left there is a trigger lever used to stop movement of the mill.

But wait, there is more! At the bottom of the patterned stand there is a secret coin box.

“MILL” by “WOODEN.CITY” is a real find for you and a great idea of a present for adults and children aged 14 years old.


Additional information

Weight1.504 kg
Dimensions35.5 × 24 × 4 cm