Mr. Playwood SHOTGUN



  • Material: Polished Veneer, Rubbers, Elastic Yarn, Wax and  Wooden Axles
  • Number of Pieces: 96
  • Model Size: 660 x 75 x 160 mm
  • Package Size: 447 x 280 x 43 mm
  • Package Weight: 2.305 kg
  • Recommended age:  14 years old (choking hazard – small parts)

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A gun is a tubular ranged weapon typically designed to pneumatically discharge projectiles that are solid
(most guns) but can also be liquid (as in water guns/cannons and projected water disruptors) or even charged particles (as in a plasma gun) and may be free-flying (as with bullets and artillery shells) or tethered (as with Taser gunsspearguns and harpoon guns).

The means of projectile propulsion vary according to designs, but are traditionally effected by a high gas pressure contained within a shooting tube (gun barrel), produced either through the rapid combustion of propellants (as with firearms), or by mechanical compression (as with air guns). The high-pressure gas is introduced behind the projectile, accelerating it down the length of the tube, imparting sufficient launch velocity to sustain the its further travel towards the target once the propelling gas ceases acting upon it at the end of the tube. Alternatively, acceleration via electromagnetic field generation may be employed, in which case the shooting tube may be substituted by guide rails (as in railguns) or wrapped with magnetic coils (as in coilguns).

The first devices identified as guns appeared in China around CE 1000. By the 12th century the technology was spreading through the rest of Asia, and into Europe by the 13th century

Kids will enjoy playing and exploring the great invention that took science to another level.




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Weight2.305 kg
Dimensions44.7 × 28 × 4.3 cm