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  • Material:  PLYWOOD
  • Model size: 347*231*62 mm (13.66*9.09*2.44 IN)
  • Package size: 355*240*40 mm (13.98*9.45*1.57 IN)
  • Number of parts: 265
  • Weight: 1.226 g

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“No frills!” is the motto of minimalism in interior design. 3D puzzle “Mechanical picture” from WOODEN.CITY is laconic, light, open and “semitransparent”. Graphic representation of the parts combines mathematical precision and the inimitable artistic vision of the author. When assembled and wound up, the picture comes to life! All parts start moving and rolling. It’s just amazing! 3D puzzle “Mechanical picture” from WOODEN.CITY is a wooden construction set made of environmentally friendly materials. Assembly is done without glue. Push all the parts out of the plywood sheets and proceed in line with the manual. 3D puzzle “Mechanical picture” from WOODEN.CITY is packed in branded small wooden box.

“Mechanical picture” from WOODEN.CITY is a unique designer solution for your interior, an entertainment for your family and a good chance to make happy your nearest and dearest! The picture may be hung on the wall or put on the shelf; the wood may be painted with acrylic colors. Please, use thin brushes to realize your fantastic ideas.



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Weight1.226 kg
Dimensions35.5 × 24 × 4 cm