• Material: Wood
  • Number of Pieces: 298
  • Model Size mm (W x D x H): 340 x 180 x 230
  • Difficulty Level (1=Easy): 4
  • Model Weight: 1.40 kg
  • Recommended age:  Recommended age from 8 years
  • Easy to follow pictorial instructions in multiple language including English+++

Special note:

Wood Glue not included.

Safety: We recommend certain cuttings to be done by adults or under their supervision, which may require sharp tools like Stanley knife or scissors.

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The MAGISTRATE’s House used to belong to among the most complex and best constructed houses during their period. On the upper floor there characteristically were small rooms and a balcony. The position of a mayor could be purchased from the local nobility and passed on to one´s own descendants. A mayor also usually owned a tavern, saw mill, hunting grounds usually with a hunting lodge, or a mill.

Great for kids to learn and play as well as build their skills. Fantastic for family bonding exercise or hobbies.

Natural wood from ZLIN region in Czech Republic, which smells and feels of nature.

Why not build a complete village or town with our models and impress your friends and family. Would look very impressive in the Garden or inside with night lights.

Environmental Friendly unlike expensive and environmental damaging plastic toys.


Additional information

Weight1.50 kg
Dimensions29 × 22 × 5 cm


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